122 homicides per 100,000 residents

Welcome to one of the unsafest capitals of the world

The least likely place to find the best PRIVATE APP

Here’s how we were able to bring you…

PrivatBrowse Plus!

Yes, we managed to survive and bring you the jewel of jewels, in spite of bandits, murderers, no water, electricity outages, scarce food supplies… at a price that only YOU can appreciate: FREE!

We used to think that real adventures happened in the movies. Or if you were an Indiana-Jones-like paleontology professor. But that was before going to review our latest super secret, super fast, super private App in Venezuela, where I was robbed, almost killed, and couldn’t find toothpaste nor toilet paper in the empty shelves of the supermarkets.

Getting around Caracas is like riding a roller-coaster to hell, with the crazy traffic, motorcycles buzzing at high speed in between cars, an array of panhandlers at every traffic light, and a severe drought that is destroying the vegetation of this otherwise gorgeous city. All mixed with the tempting aroma of food street vendors, and yes, a plethora of extremely beautiful women. And I mean, extremely beautiful. Subject for another post, though. Let’s continue.

You know, we go around the world where technology takes us, but man, this was too much. I sometimes wonder if this is life. However, if it wasn’t for this we never would have been able to find the smartest and youngest App developer in the world (that we know of) and come up with a superior product either, an App that its first unpublished non-marketed release made the servers it hosted its free page, COLLAPSE!

So, that’s how we managed to bring you PrivatBrowse Plus. We go to the end of the world to satisfy you. The release is planned for today, before midnight. You have been served. Now available for download here.

And I think an experience like this is worth sharing with our friends.

Besides, if it’s FREE, it’s a steal! (no pun intended)