About JTech

The world was shocked when Edward Snowden revealed that not only governments but major corporations and cyber-criminals were snooping on everybody… even on you.

And you look at yourself in the mirror, and here you are, an ordinary Joe or Jane, who had never done anything wrong in your entire life, but all of a sudden you are the major center of controversy. Or should we say, a major center of profit generation?

I mean, why in the world would they all want to snoop on you?

Well, get a hold of this. To them, you are worth some dollars in information and they are going to get it from you. How? They are NOT going to find a way to squeeze it out of you. YOU are going to give it to them. For FREE. Yep, for F-R-E-E.

And they are doing it right NOW, without your consent, and maybe not even your knowledge! “For heaven’s sake, what can I do, I know nothing about computers, programming or anything related?”, you may say.

Well, there is a way. And you don’t have to have particularly strong computer skills. You don’t have to specialize in cyber-security or anything that has to do with technology.

In fact, you may quit reading all those “boring” computer magazines that only talk geek and add more to the confusion.

The reason I’m writing you, is not to show you how computers work, or what program you should or shouldn’t buy. I’m writing you to show you step-by-step how YOU, an anti-geek, can protect yourself in a world full of cyber-predators and cyber-parasites.

Here’s what I mean…

Communications, and I mean wire and Internet, and of any other kind, and the electronic devices you currently use to communicate (you cell phone, your PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) are easy targets for “THEM” to snoop on you, and get valuable information from you or extract that hard earned money you have been stashing away for a rainy day.

So, if you want to get some real tips on how to protect yourself, and along the way get some important cyber-jiu-jitsu blows to smack the snoopers in their face and prevent cyber-parasites from feeding off of you, then follow this blog. That is the way. I’ll not swarm you with repetitive or useless geek junk. You’ll only receive the meat, the real deal, so you can use it the moment you receive it.

You are more than welcome to comment on it or send us questions you may have. Don’t worry, I’ll not answer in computeresse!