Image Credits to Anthony Quintano.

My furious friend.

Facebook did it again.

So did Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo, Spotify, Sony, Huawei, Black Berry, Yandex (ehem, a Russian giant), The New York Times, the Royal Bank of Canada, Rotten Tomatoes, Pandora, you name it (more than 150 sleazy businesses in all).

They have been in cahoots with more big corporations, plotting against you to steal your precious data and sell it. Yes, the same data that you vehemently have told FB not to gather from you and to not even think of sharing it with anyone, if FB did ever have it. Now we know that FB always had it, unbeknownst to you, and even worse, SECRETLY SHARED IT (Read: SOLD IT!) to other huge mega-companies to do as they pleased.

According to The New York Times FB gave access these fat cats “more intrusive access to user’s personal data than it has disclosed…exempting those business partners from its usual privacy rules...”, among other arrangements were, to allow search engines to see all FB user’s friends, to read FB user’s private messages, to obtain contact information, to view friend’s posts, etc.

So, my furious friend, take a look at your personal information, cyber-history and online life, it’s all covered with transparent ink for all to see. The last time something this bad happened was during the Ancien Regime which led to the French Revolution and the demise (to say it kindly) of King Lois XIV.

No parallel implied here, but some are already asking for the resignation of Mark Zuckerberg.

What King FB did (now revealed in this new scandal) was to allow 150+ companies to harvest data from users without telling them, nor even asking them for their consent. But how can we trust FB now? It has breached every single line of the contract it has about un-consented data harvesting by it or by its partners, and once your data is shared, it just moves along the ‘net. It could be used to favor or to punish you. It is just plain scary.

Mind you, I’m not asking for more regulations, but something has to be done.

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