About us


We, at Jonathan Precise Apps, believe that freedom and privacy are intrinsic to the human being. We believe that although freedom and privacy are states of mind, we have the duty to help those who have encountered obstacles to reach them. Hence we embrace change as a natural part of the path to freedom and privacy. We believe that if freedom and privacy are at stake, humans are in danger because we lose our ability to think. We believe that freedom and privacy breed innovation and creativity, and they in turn foster authenticity, and authenticity allows people to live their lives with passion.


Jonathan Precise Apps is committed to bringing the best App experience to professionals and consumers around the world. How we do it? Through innovation, creativity and a novel approach to problems. We strive to make our products the standard, in their respective fields, of independent thinking, innovation and creativity.


We are a tribe of computer software artists, thinking, innovating, creating, designing and building free, or affordable, reasonably-priced Apps that empower our clients to be authentic, to be contributors and to inspire others to follow their path.