Only 40% of you are REALLY concerned about your privacy.

Only 40% of the people who read this PRIVACY post will bother to read it to the last paragraph

And here is why:

Mind you, these stats are coming directly from the world’s most prestigious independent market research institution, Ipsos, Pew Research Center, TRUST-e, USC Annenberg Center, and others.

Only very few people will read all the way to the last paragraph, because…

81% of those reading this are really concerned about privacy.

73% of those who read this second paragraph find it annoying that online search engines keep track of their queries. But don’t know how or think it’s impossible to avoid it.

69.2% of those reading this think that their personal information cannot be hacked. So they do nothing to protect themselves.

65% of readers think that by just deleting cookies they are protected. And do nothing else.

54% of those reading this just don’t install mobile apps. Because they don’t know how to safely protect themselves, so don’t even try.

And 40% of you reading up this last paragraph are REALLY concerned about your privacy. And thus, your freedom. And therefore, want to know more. Hopefully you are in this group.

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The stats come from: