The Fuzz about FossHub

No adware, No spyware, No bundles, No malware, Fast downloads, Free services and just a single ad.

No wonder people love them! So do we!!!

I was downloading important free software from the same sources geeks love to use. Including the “Friendly” sites, but to my (and I think to the whole world) disappointment I kept getting pop-ups, horrible spyware, and tons and tons of ads.

But now, thanks to a great idea from FossHub, I get direct SUPER FAST download links, NO DECEPTIVE ADS (God bless you for that FossHub), and no bundled software trying to piggyback malware with its content.

My products (, so far free, have been yearning for people like FossHub to create such a great site. One can even host projects with FossHub. And it’s FREE too!

Nahhh, there must a catch – I said. But, no, there’s no catch. FossHub is a hybrid community that offers free private cloud and public cloud computing. That’s it. No small print, everything out front.

I think an experience like this is worth sharing with my friends. Click it here, and check it out.