30 laps to go… muscles hurting like there’s no tomorrow… the water is ice cold

… and you are humming to the tune of Pavarotti’s “La Traviatta”


In spite of adverse conditions, you can now workout and have an auditory, concert-like experience at the same time.

I used to think that the only way to have a real swimming workout was to suffer through it. But that was before my recent discovery.

Maybe you think that we, here at jonoapps.com, are just sitting around developing Apps to customers worldwide, and designing the next big thing, the Free-yourself-from-snoopers-forever App. Not so. You don’t design and develop the best App just by siting at the office. Believe me, you have to go out and touch the world. Literally. Do the same things that people do and love to do. Like swimming, hiking, listening to great music, using technology.

And I came up with this great place that combines all that and more. So, if you are a master swimmer, a pro-hiker, a mountaineer, or just a sports fan of any kind, who loves technology, and has a deep liking for music, you have to check out this little secret.

We think an experience like this is worth sharing with our friends. Click it here. (And you can find more wearables on wearables.com) Those gruesome, painful swimming laps won’t last forever. I put my secret gear, and swimming I go… with a live concert playing right in my own ears, dissipating my aches, and inspiring me to greater things… maybe designing the greatest big thing, the Free-yourself-from-snoopers-forever App.