WARNING: Ignore this Forecast at your OWN Peril!

News, like any other type of information, are made up of the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve read a lot about the bad and the ugly of Venezuela. Let me tell you about one of the good… though extraordinary may be a better term.

The extraordinary news is about a Venezuelan.

You can find him in a regular classroom wearing some make do plastic goggles designing and testing a new Virtual Reality project to improve the educational experience of students, or fast at work in a new Android App that will turn the business world as we know it, upside down, or writing the next chapter for his second book on cyberparasites. Or just hanging around with his buddies.

Of course, we are talking here about a Venezuelan in Palo Alto, right?





Wrong again.

Those scenarios of high-tech achievements are not in Ivy League campuses nor in Silicon Valley companies, they are right there in the heart of the most dangerous and unsafe capitals of the world, Caracas, which is undergoing a major humanitarian crisis along with the entire country of Venezuela.

With an inflation rate, according to CNN, of over 4,000%, reaching a staggering 36,000% (that is a 36 followed by three zeros!), according to the Miami Herald, by the end of 2018, and a place which boasts the infamous world-record of being the most violent city in the planet, according to InsightCrime.

To put it in perspective, the Venezuelan crime rate is 20 times higher than in the US., and the inflation rate is approximately 18,000 times that of the US! We are talking major chaos here.

But what I saw there, made me believe that there is another Venezuela getting ready to come out. A new country preparing itself silently and working diligently to be ready for the birth of a new nation.

This is his story.

He is a math whiz, a researcher, a computer scientist, an author, I mean a genius… yet he is only a teenager. A mere 16 year-old kid, but with a set of neurons working at full blast. He is the reason why I believe that there still is a future in poverty stricken, crime infested Venezuela. This youngster, just like those that we watched on TV, fighting with cardboard shields and improvised gas masks against a terrible enemy, is fighting also a formidable battle too.

The battle against all odds, in a country that is odd.

I already talked to you about him in an earlier post and how I met him (read that fascinating story here)

Now, he has written a book, or as he calls it, a “step-by-step-guide” to fight snooping eyes, cyber-criminals and cyberparasites, in plain easy-to-understand English (a Spanish version is in the process and is coming soon). No computerese and no geeky language in this book.

With his book “Smile, You are under surveillance. The ultimate How-to Layman’s Guide to Cyberprivacy as explained by a 16 year-old”), and his App (get it for free here), you will take control of your cyber-persona and act on his tips and advise to protect yourself. You will get an in-depth view of how hackers work, and how they exploit your vulnerabilities. But best of all, you will learn how to shield you against them.

At the end you will even know how a Password Management Systems works and where to get the best protection against snoopers at zero cost.

Everything in one neat, organized, easy to understand book.

This is a treasure trove of practical information. You can get it on Amazon.

Through this book I saw the light. I saw the future of Venezuela directly in his eyes. I understood that there is still hope for Venezuela, because the neurons of its youth are determined to succeed in spite of the circumstances.

I found order amidst chaos.